Commission Information

To submit a commission, or ask a question, contact me at:

  • Commissions are first come, first serve. There are 3 slots per lot.
  • Payment through Paypal only.
  • Copy the order form below when making your order.
  • Read my disclaimers below before ordering.
  • Orders normally take up to 1 month to complete, but due to time restraints, they might take up to 2-3 months.
  • JC01 100%
  • IM01 100%
  • MW01 100%
Models in progress
  • Gnome Female 80%
Animation Loop 30 dollars (per character)

Each character in a scene will cost 30 dollars to be posed/animated. (1 picture version is included in the price) The animation length is 4 seconds (120 frames).

+10 dollars (per character)
Longer animation. Instead of a 4 seconds loop (120 frames), you will get ~9 seconds loop (280 frames). This is for animations where you want inconsistent animation like: slow thrusts, then fast thrusts in the same loop, or visible orgasm markers on the character, etc.

3D Background 10 dollars (per new background)
For 3D-backgrounds, you only pay for it once. This means you can re-use the same background all you want, without paying 10 dollars for it every picture/animation. I dont accept commissions without 3d backgrounds.

Note – I do not re-use another commissioners background in your commission, nor do I use in game backgrounds. I create the backgrounds from scratch using WMV assets. The background can be inspired by whatever you wish, however it is limited to in-game assets only.  I can not rip scenes directly out of the game so please keep that in mind when ordering.

Extra camera angles 10 dollars (per extra camera angle)
Every new camera angle costs 10 dollars, as I will adjust the pose, lighting, furniture etc. to fit the new camera angle. If your commission is animated, both a picture and animated version will be included for the angle.

Character Customisation 10 dollars (Per new character)
This is mandatory for all new characters, unless it’s an already rigged lore character. All my commission models include 3d genetalia for females and males. Models are also quadrified for a smoother look.

+ 20 dollars New customized hairstyle. I will model a new hairstyle for your character, keeping it in style with World of Warcraft hairstyles, but also making it look as close to your reference as possible. (Mixing ingame hairstyles is free of charge.)

All other character customizations like simple makeup, nipple piercings etc, are part of the main base price it costs to get your character rigged (as long as these changes are not too detailed.) If you want a really customized character, it will cost extra.

Short Story $2-3 per 200 words (depending on story complexity)
Add a short story regarding the characters. Where they are, how/why they ended up there, and what they are doing, etc. This story is fully customizable by you as the customer, and is written by Nidawi. Simply add what your story preferences in the appropriate commission field (such as length, place, emotional depth, language complexity, desired level of detail, etc.). Feedback, additional requests, etc. will be communicated directly with Nidawi, using the email (Note: payment is made to me. I will then forward the corresponding amount to Nidawi.)

To commission me, write me an email with the subject “Commission”, and then copy/paste the order form beneath, into the email, and fill it out. Then email it to I usually reply within a few days. Make sure to thoroughly fill out the form.

I reserve the right to not have to add any extra details that were not originally part of the commission form. If you forgot an important detail, you can of course ask me if im willing to add it. Often I will add the change if its minor. However, some details, like detailed tattoos, and new hairstyles etc, I am not as willing to add. It does however not hurt to ask.


Order form

Link characters armory pages (I use these to import the characters) and specify what they will be wearing if anything at all.

Link a general pose reference and describe the pose if you don’t want it to be exactly the same as the reference. Ex: move left hand over to waist instead.

3D Background
Link 3D-background reference, or name a zone/location that you want the background to be inspired by. Specify if it is supposed to be indoors or outdoors, if your character is sitting or laying, what they will sit or lay on, etc.

Do you only want a picture version, or do you want an animation too? Animations include picture versions.

Main Angle
Please specify what angle you want for your main angle. Angle reference pictures help a lot, but if you cannot find any, you can try to describe it (I will ask if the description is unclear).

Extra Angles
Want extra angles? Please specify how many, and tell me from which directions they will be in. It is even better if you give me a picture reference for the angle, as those are easier to follow.

If there is anything else that you feel cannot be said in any of the categories above, then please add it here. Also, If you want cum in the picture version, please specify here, if not, I will assume that you don’t want it. You can also specify if you want the still picture version to be with, for example, one of the characters moaning, or maybe if there is penetration (and in that case, how deep the penetration is). I can make small changes, however I will not repose characters, as the still picture is just a slightly modified snapshot of the animation.

If you want a story alongside your order, please specify what you would like it to feature. This includes preferences such as length, place, emotional depth, language complexity, desired level of detail, etc. For instance, if your picture features an unlucky Blood Elf who happened to be on the wrong side of Orgrimmar on a misty night, you can add that here.

Note: Any details added after your commission has been accepted are not considered a part of the order, and may not be included.

What kinks wont you do?
Underaged characters, scat, gore. There are more, but I cant think of the names of them all. I will point it out to you if you ask for a kink I wont do.

What sexualities do you accept?
All sexualities.

What playable races do you accept?
I accept all playable races.

Can you put a pussy on a male model, or a dick on a female?
Yes. Make sure to read the rules regarding futas/shemales if you want a dick on a female character model.

How big can you make my characters boobs or pussy?
The boobs range from flat chested to double Ds. The pussy comes in a default size due to animation limitations. 

What types of dicks can i ask for, and how big can they be?
Horse, knot and humanoid dicks. I will only put a humanoid dick on draenei of either gender. The dick size has to fit the characters proportions. I will not do animations where a character has an inhumanly big dick. If you want that, you should commission someone else for a drawing, or a 3d image. Animating that big dicks is a living hell.

Can you enahnce my characters butt?
I can enhance it a tiny bit.

Can I use your characters in my commission?
Sure, I will most likely accept, but please check my cast page to see what sexuality that specific character is. Exceptions can be made if i really like your idea.

Can I ask for humanoid lore characters you have not already made?
Yes. I will create them as similar as I am able to. This will not cost anything extra.

Can I bribe you to make my commission private?

Can I bribe you to break one or two of your rules?

Can I bribe you to do my commission instead of someone elses?

Do you accept npcs?
I accept all npcs, but most npcs take longer to undress. Depending on the npc it may cost more to use, if you want it fully undressed.

Do you accept animal npcs?
Yes, but I dont accept animal on animal unless it is druid forms, or playable characters like tauren/worgen. I do accept male animals penetrating though, however I dont accept female or male animal npcs being penetrated. This rule does not apply for druid forms. However, I will not put pussies on animal models.

Do you accept futas/shemale characters?
Yes, however with the following rules – Dick has to be humanoid. Dick size is max 6 inches and/or a size that looks regular compared to the characters palm/body size. Character can only recieve during sex, no giving. I accept masturbation pictures only if the character is fingering themselves, or the pose/action is not focusing solely on the dick. There will be no exceptions.

What if I want 2 futas/shemales together?
You can order that, with the following rules – No sucking eachothers dicks off. No penetrating eachother. Fingering and use of dildos is completly fine.

Do you accept femboys?
Yes, but if the femboy is made from a female character, and not a male, the above rules for futas/shemales will apply. (so my rules can not be abused) If the character is made from a male base to look more feminine the rules dont apply.

Does having npcs in the background cost extra?
Yes, same amount as if they were to be in the foreground. Exceptions can be made if it is a picture, and the npc uses an ingame pose, not custom pose.

Why do you take paid for extra angles?
Because I have to do a lot of extra work to make the extra angle work. Including adjusting lights, building the background, post work, and adjusting the animation/pose.

If I want a lot of characters, or a lot of camera angles, can I get a discount?
No. The only way for you to get a discount is if youre a 10 dollar patron on Patreon.

Can I pay for extra angles for another persons commission?
Only if the 2 characters featured are lore characters, or ingame npcs. If one of the characters are not ingame characters, they count as oc’s, meaning only the commissioner is allowed to pay for extra angles for that commission.

Payment Disclaimer
First off, I do NOT accept refunds at all. It is on you to verify that you are indeed able to make a purchase from me. If I do accept your commission, you will have to pay up front, before I begin processing your order. You will get the relevant payment information by email once you are required to pay.

As hinted in the previous tab, only the details in the actual commission will be added to the picture or animation. If you, as the commissioner, decide that you want extra details added once the commission has been accepted and paid for, it is up to me if I choose to include them. I am, however, not particularly strict so do feel free to ask and I am sure that we can reach a mutually beneficial outcome (this also applies if you chose the “story”-option).

Content Disclaimer
Before you order anything, it is important to know that these pictures/animations are created using World of Warcraft assets. What this means is that the content of your order does not belong to neither me nor you. You are simply paying me to make World of Warcraft fan art featuring your characters, settings, etc. This is just like how your actual World of Warcraft account works. You do not own your account, you simply pay for the right to use it from Blizzard (this is why they can ban you without reason should they want to, as they own the account). You can find more information in Blizzard’s official ToS.

The comment section beneath is for questions and reviews only. Orders should be sent by email to


  1. Gallowsfall

    Any chance that you’ll be opening for commissions sometime soon? I’ve got an idea I’d love to see animated by you. It’d be a full new custom character rig, my Forsaken

    • Liard

      I have no eta on when ill open commissions. im actively working towards it, but currently I have too much on my to-do list.

      • Gallowsfall

        RIP, but hope to see you back open soon! I gotta get a Liard piece! haah

  2. Anonymous

    No worries, Liard. Best of luck to you!

  3. Zatren

    I’m a newbie 3d student. Can I ask about your process? Are these in-game character models that you modified, or what?

    • Liard

      Yeah, ive exported them from a program called wowmodelviewer, and added genetalia + edited their textures, skin and uvw maps a bit.

      • Zatren

        You should make some tutorials on your process.

  4. Corey Roberson

    Eager to get a commission by you, though the update looks like it says you’re open by now. I’d love to keep updated, as I have a fully fleshed out email ready to be sent to you at your earliest convenience!

    • Liard

      Unfortunately, time isnt on my side, so chances are commissions wont be open until sometime during june – july, as I have a school project and a huge commission im working on. Unfortunately I have no eta, but I will tell people on tumblr and patreon a week minimum in advance, so everyone has a fair chance for a slot : )


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