After managing to climb up, and untie herself with any strength left in her, she would lay with her back to the tree, only to be approached by a forsaken, raising an arm being almost all she could do, to her surprise the man took her hand, and helped her to her feet, only to lead her over to a plague beast with his eyes set upon her beaten, and used body, before she could run, she felt a stinging sensation as something was injected into her neck, waking up hours later strapped to the beast as a cock warmer, he would wander the cold wastelands with his new toy until she gave out

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(website was briefly down due to some testing lol.) Currently looking into the login issue, where you get logged out if you close your browser, or you have to login again every few hours. I am hoping to lenghten the time inbetween logins, from a few hours to at least every 5 or so days. Weve finally found out a bit more about the problem, but i doubt itll be fixed today <:D