Text tutorial

1. click the register button above.
once redirected. (Dont register/login with patreon)

2. Instead, write in your email/username, and click register. Youll recieve an email.
Check your email, and generate or write a password where the generated password is.
accept the new password.

3. Go to my website. write the new username/email and password
check remember me (to stay logged in for 7 days)

4. now that youre logged in to my website, make sure that youre also logged in to patreon.com
once youre logged into your patreon account, go back to my website.

5. On my website click the button below to ''become a patron''

<<patron button kek>>

6. on the redirect, click allow.

You should now be logged in, and a patron, and it should keep you logged in for a week at a time. Your account will be permanent, so you can use it everytime you login.

However you might have to authenticate patreon once a week. (this has not been tested yet, so i cant say for sure.)

Video tutorial