Callista Pryce

Race – Undead

Class – Former trainee monk

Faction – Neutral

Sexuality – Straight

Birthplace – Lordaeron

current residence – N/A


Languages spoken –

Common, Orcish, Thalassian


Perceived as –

Speaking to her, she comes off as extremly odd, or definitely mentally damaged, due to her sight, and outright stating that everyone who can see, must be joking with her for claiming to see something she does not. Other then that she is usually viewed as creative, positive, helpfull and kind but  also rather immature.

Short Description – 

Callista is technically fully blind, however she is able to sense the shape of the world around her, through shapes and contures, that she can magically sense due to her former class. As she was severly brain damaged after laying dead in an ice cold river for 2 years, she actually has no idea that she is dead and blind (nor would she believe anyone if they told her.) So her mind fills in the shapes, with former memories, or items/people/areas she could possibly imagine or have seen sometime during her lifetime.

She has seen races like orcs, high elves and some dwarves and gnomes, but she has no idea how most of the other races look She has also only ever been to human locations, like stormwind and loardaeron (and locations to travel between said kingdoms.)

Personality wise, she is kind of gullible in the sense that she cant see what others do, so even if they tell her the truth, she most likely will not believe them, as she can ”clearly see” whats in front of her.. in her own mind. She was quite sheltered by her parents, so she has mostly lived in a happy ”fantasy”  high class life, being shielded from reality, sickness, starvation, and death. Due to this, and the fact that she uses her memories as her perception, she now lives in an actual real fantasy world, where everything is sunny and well.. lively and happy. 

As a sidenote, she does not know that Draisho is an orc. In her head hess either a really well built human knight, or a half vrykul half human. Due to how memories and dreams work though, she can not actually see a clear face on him, although she believes she can. 

I could go on and on about her character and backstory, but it would be too much for this little page.Lets jsut say that although she may appear to be a little sweetheart, she has one of the darkest backstories I have ever written. Basically her death and current lover are intertwined, but not in a good way.

Likes –

Adventures!, damseling to be saved, Draisho, ”Lord Frederic”, most people really, unless they are extremly unfriendly. In general, there is little she does not like, as she was kept away from anything ”bad” when she was alive. 

Dislikes –

Outright mean people. She also has a strong hatred for orcs, as her family was murdered by them, and so was she.

Relations –

Draisho Bloodscorn

”Lord Frederic”