Swap 112

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Clarett Locksprocket

Race – Goblin

Class – Hunter

Faction – Neutral

Sexuality – Straight / bi-curious

Birthplace – Gadgetzan

current residence – Bootybay

Occupation – Engineering student

Languages spoken –

Common, Orcish, Goblin


Short description –

Shes usually overly positive to everything, no matter if shes in a dangerous situation or not. Shes in general a pretty ”bad goblin” shes horrible with money, and shes not really that good at fixing things, although she likes to think she is. Its mostly her monkey that is the engineering brains. She may or may not sometimes innapropriately use her monkey for masturbation if she is really horny, but in general she prefers to be in the company of handsome men. Especially middle aged humans or blood elves. 

Her lifes goal is to open a proper engineer shop, OR become a porn star like her older cousin Pixy Portbolt. Pixy is pretty much Clarett’s idol, so when she managed to get into an engineering course where her beloved cousin lived, she quickly invited herself to live with her for a year.

Percieved as –

Extremly gullible, Overly friendly, Reeeaallyyy positive.

 Likes –

Everyone!, social events, getting new friends, engineering, guns, traveling, Elves and humans. Spending time with Pixy Portbolt.

Dislikes –

Liars, douchebags, anyone who disrespects her really. 

Relations –

Pixy Portbolt (Older cousin)

Rocco (Pet companion)

Captain Cookie (Work companion of Pixy’s)

Nuts the handyman (Work companion of Pixy’s)