Swap 113

Swap 113

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Nidawi Riversong

Arbiter Nidawi‘s OC

Race: Blood Elf

Class: Paladin

Faction: “Neutral”

Sexuality: Bisexual

Birthplace: Silvermoon City

Current Residence: Dalaran

Occupation: Mercenary

Languages Spoken:

Orcish, Thalassian, Common

Perceived As:

Withdrawn, stern, discerning, somewhat melancholic at first. Passionate, cheerful, and tender when you get to know her.


Justice, being alone, “the right one”, combat acumen (swords in particular), femininity, determination, tranquillity


Excessive masculinity, superficiality, unnecessary violence, commotion, orcs, tauren


  • Hesitant when it comes to taking it in the bum.
  • Dislikes futa.
  • Not into beast per se, but sure is curious to see what the fuss is about.



Avenier Dawnspire

Asheda (deceased)

Nidawi lived a relatively happy and peaceful life in the pompous capital city of Quel’Thalas with her father, two brothers, and a sister. Being well-trained and proficient in the art of swords she had continued her training to join her older brother, Caeon, and become a paladin. This plan, however, never came to fruition as one day, when Nidawi was doing her standard morning practice on the training dummies in the Western part of the city, Arthas arrived. Nidawi, and the rest of her kin, fought valiantly to defend their right to live, but was outmatched and overrun, leaving many wounded and even more dead. Days later, Nidawi awoke, finding herself in pain she had previously thought unimaginable and partly stuck below a piece of debris. She struggled free and, clinging onto the frail thread of life that was still keeping her going, she drifted through the ruins of her once proud city, consumed by the death and destruction which had been wrought upon her and her kin. The hunger inside of her grew to ravenous levels as she wandered aimlessly, too confused and distraught to really process where she was or what had really happened. This went on for longer than she cared to remember, and she never managed to find any of her family. One day, she was found and taken in by a fellow elf, who later turned out to be a member of the newly formed Blood Knights. Her new friend informed her of the events that had unfolded while she was drifting in and out of consciousness. Apparently, they were blood elves now – and they no longer possessed the light as they once had but instead they sap energy from some mythical creature that Kael’thas locked in a vault somewhere in the remains of the city.

Nidawi was later accepted, after extensive discussions about her deteriorating mentality and physique, into the order. Over time, Nidawi’s wounds healed and she regained her strength, even though she was still emotionally scarred and would often wake up in the middle of the night, screaming for her presumed dead family. The stronger she became, the more she committed herself to her new order. She developed a strong sense of morality and treated her duties with utmost care and effort. She had a good reputation among the Blood Knights and was assigned, on several occasions, to oversee the training of new recruits.

Sometime after becoming a fully-fledged Blood Knight, she encountered a blood elf rogue by the name of Asheda. As time went on and they met every so often, Nidawi slowly began to develop feelings for the mysterious person who so enchanted those in her presence. They could sit for hours, Nidawi completely enthralled by her very being. Not that Asheda was particularly talkative (most saw her as rather callous, even), but something about her calm and collected disposition appealed to Nidawi, whose mind had been in turmoil for as long as she could remember by that point.

This went on until one day Nidawi made the tough decision to disobey order protocols in order to go into a relationship with Asheda. While seemingly satisfied with being with Nidawi, Asheda still withheld most, if not all, information about herself – for her own reasons, the very reasons Nidawi would normally question. Then tragedy struck once more where Asheda ended up being collateral damage for a group of death knights. Shocked and outraged, Nidawi shattered the frail bonds that she still had with the Blood Knight order and set out to avenge her beloved. She searched far and wide, and even employed help from sources that she would previously have found contemptible. As time went on, Nidawi lost more and more of her newfound self, becoming increasingly consumed by the far too familiar hatred and pain. Then one day, she found the culprit, the death knight who had delivered the blow that had ripped away all that had mattered to her. She lashed out repeatedly, but to her surprise the death knight made no attempts at fighting her, and instead told her the truth about Asheda – a truth that Nidawi vehemently rejected. The death knight kneeled down and put his life in Nidawi’s hands – expecting her to do the right thing. As Nidawi raised her sword and prepared to end the knight’s miserable existence, a ghostly projection of Asheda manifested itself next to the knight. If she was but a figment of Nidawi’s twisted mind or Asheda’s actual ghost, Nidawi did not know. Asheda encouraged her to strike, to rip away what little life the knight had left – to fully succumb to her hatred and claim the vengeance she so desired.

The more Asheda encouraged her, the clearer the situation became. She was not herself anymore, she hadn’t been for a long time. Her loss had driven her off of her path, caused her to commit atrocities unthinkable. If the knight was right, Asheda wasn’t the delicate rose she thought she was. With a desperate cry of angst and pain, Nidawi threw her sword into the ground and stormed off, having just taken the first step to finding herself once more.

Having been expelled from the Order of the Blood Knights due to her vengeful manhunt, Nidawi did her best to get back into society. She was no longer a knight, barely even a paladin. She was an outcast, and she did her best to stay below the radar. She occasionally reported in to various paladin and other military establishments, but she was more of a mercenary now than anything else. Dreams of Asheda and the truth about her still haunted her in her dreams, driving her towards the edges of sanity.

Needing more distraction, she embraced her new role as a mercenary and joined various factions in battling whatever villain they were chasing at the time. The distractions helped, and the fog which had once clouded her senses was lifting, more and more each day. Right now, she is aiding the war effort on the Broken Isles. Unfortunately, the new lands are harsh and require plenty of work and upkeep which takes the majority of Nidawi’s days, but that does not mean that, in the comfort of her own home, she cannot make time for a little bit of fun. And, who knows, perhaps, one day, she will be able to love again, or at least find a way to sate her suppressed, bottled-up, desires.


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