Swap 112

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Pixy Portbolt

Race – Half-breed (Gnome-Goblin)

Class – None

Faction – Neutral

Sexuality – Straight

Birthplace – Gadgetzan

current residence – Booty bay

Occupation – Bartender and  part time pirate


Languages spoken –

Goblin, Orcish, Common


Perceived as –

Needy, flirty, narcissistic, Grumpy at times.

 Likes –

Pretty boys, Anduin Wrynn, Being the center of attention, Excessive flirting, Elves of any kind.

Dislikes –

Overly Masculine guys, Being disrespected, Being ignored.

Relations –

Clarett Locksprocket (Younger cousin)

Edan Highblade

Lecia Silverwing


Captain Cookie

Nuts the handyman

Dr. Gilbert Finkelstein Goldfingers