Swap 115

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Swap 114

Voices – Anonymous


Race – Draenei

Class – None

Faction – Alliance

Sexuality – Bisexual, Straightromantic

Birthplace – Draenor

current residence – Dalaran

Occupation – Adult Toy shop

Languages spoken –

Draenei, Common, Orcish and Some thalassian

Perceived as –

Agressive, Cocky, Energetic, extroverted, flirty

Likes –

S&m, Dominating women, Being dominated by men, toys, Goblins(As a work force)

Dislikes –

Getting dirty or hard physical labour, 

Relations –

Lecia Silverwing (Close Friend and co-worker)

Zate Silverwing (Brother of Lecia)

Pixy Portbolt (Met through Veeras shop)

Clarett Locksprocket (Pixys Cousin)