The Four Days of

Winter’s Veil

Author & Some images – Nidawi , Director & images/animations – Liard
Callista Pryce

Callista Pryce

Race – Undead
Class – Monk
Faction – Neutral

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Draisho Bloodscorn

Draisho Bloodscorn

Race – Orc
Class – Death Knight
Faction – Horde

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''Lord Frederic''

''Lord Frederic''

Race – Undead
Class – Priest
Faction – Horde

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Day 3

The birds were singing harmoniously as Callista slowly opened her eyes. The early morning sun was tearing at the thick branches of the trees above her, but only a few rays of light managed to break through. She was lying next to Draisho and they were both still in the nude but were somehow covered by “Lord Frederic’s” bed. The smell of fire and smoky meat brashly slapped her over the face and she jumped to her feet. “Lord Frederic” was sitting by the fire, spit-cooking a rather small rabbit. He clearly wasn’t very good at it as the rabbit still had its skin on which produced a rather foul smell as it burnt.

“Why would you kill the poor little rabbit?!” Callista cried in agony as she noticed what was transpiring. Her cry caused a startled Draisho to awake and sit up, looking horribly confused around himself. “Lord Frederic” pointed at the rabbit and stated, apathetically: “Food.” He then looked up at the two and continued: “Would you mind covering yourselves up before my eyes fall out of their sockets… again?” Draisho and Callista shared a shy smile and then quickly got dressed, Callista making sure to first wipe off any remnants of last night’s debauchery with a big leaf she found on the ground. Draisho and “Lord Frederic” awkwardly shared the rabbit for breakfast while Callista kept herself occupied by complaining about the heartless murder of such a cute little thing. Draisho agreed with her despite enjoying the tender meat on a surprisingly succulent leg. Once the rabbit was gone and its bones had been tossed aside Callista, seemingly unaware of Draisho’s involvement in its disposal, melancholically embraced him and sobbed that she wanted to get away and that it was time for them to go.

Draisho grunted in response, gently stroked her hair and then picked up the two bedrolls and put them over his back. He nodded in “Lord Frederic’s” direction and departed the camp, arm-in-arm with Callista. “Lord Frederic” sighed and kicked some dirt onto the campfire, killing the flame. He muttered something about ungrateful gnats and that it wasn’t easy catching a rabbit singlehandedly as he walked after the two. They quickly got back to the road and continued their journey towards Silvermoon. They passed by a farm surrounded by human ballistae, something which was weird to Callista as they apparently weren’t supposed to be there. “Lord Frederic” did the smart thing and said nothing.

It was still early morning when they crossed over the river splitting the land into Eastern and Western. Right after the bridge they noticed two horses, a pinto and a mountain horse, attached to a stationary carriage.

“How peculiar,” “Lord Frederic” remarked, showing no real signs of interest – apart from the horses which he eyed hungrily. As they approached, Callista decided to pull another stunt and jumped up into the driver’s seat where she pretended to be holding on to her hat while crying “giddy up!” excitedly. The horses waved their ears slightly, but paid her no mind. They could hear something stir loudly inside the carriage before a furry snout appeared on the opposite side of them.

“Oi! What do you think you’re doing?” the snout inquired with a raspy voice. It belonged to a wolf-lady who looked at them incredulously. “Would you mind telling your… thing to get off my carriage?” she continued, giving Callista an annoyed eye. Callista on the other hand was far too busy digging through a chest of various trinkets, occasionally expressing her awe with enchanting “oo”’s and “aa”’s, and by lifting some random item or another into the air. When she noticed the owner of the snout she yelped and fell onto her butt, almost falling off the carriage.

“Wha—What are you?!” she exclaimed, terrified.

“That’s a worgen.” “Lord Frederic” stated, absently, still trying to repress the urge to turn the horses into lunch.

“And she’s not my…” Draisho started, but was interrupted by “Lord Frederic” who dismissed his statement by stating: “… and that’s a lie.” Draisho looked at him angrily, but made no attempt to correct him. Callista had managed to get up into a somewhat crouching position, still on high alert, and asked, with a slightly shivering voice:

“Worgen? What’s that? She looks like a meanie.” The wolf-lady shook her head dejectedly. “I would prefer you use my name, Fiona, instead…” she sighed.

“She’s not going to eat you, if that’s what you mean.” “Lord Frederic” stated. “Not much to eat anyway… bones…” he shuddered. Draisho gave him a somewhat aggressive push, causing him to lose footing and almost fall over.

“Fine, jeez.” He snapped as he regained his balance. “What do you sell anyway?” he inquired. His face was notably strained by attempting to seem interested not to anger the orc any further.

“Only trinkets for the weary traveller. The girl has seen some of it, I reckon.” She responded, eyeing Callista suspiciously. Callista seemed to have gotten over her fear of the wolf-lady and had begun rifling through the goods once more. She found various peculiar objects, such as a small doll, all of which she excitedly showed to Draisho who shook his head in return. “Lord Frederic” was impatiently tapping his foot, looking yearningly back towards the Undercity. Eventually she found a ring with a noticeably miniscule diamond attached at the bottom of a chest and showed it to Draisho with a radiant smile on her lips. He sighed and was about to state the obvious when Callista tilted her head and looked miserably at him with those big, adorable round eyes of hers. He exhaled brashly but said nothing, completely taken aback by the very cuteness. “Lord Frederic” looked dubiously at the dodgy-looking ring and stated, somewhat accusingly:

“That’s a really small diamond.”

“Hey, it’s still a diamond.” Fiona barked in response as she turned her head towards him, baring her fangs. The two exchanged sinister gazes for a few moments before Draisho broke the silence by agreeing to buy Callista the ring in question. He didn’t have any money though, but managed to convince Fiona to accept a beautifully hand-crafted knife as payment, arguing that she could sell it to someone else for way more than the ring.

After the ring had changed owners Draisho said his thanks disgruntledly and departed the carriage, pushing an equally disgruntled “Lord Frederic” in front of him. Callista was far too busy putting on the ring and examining its pristine gleam from many different angles with many gleeful giggles and chortles.

“Come on!” she heard Draisho call from afar. She got up and jumped off the carriage.

“Thanks!” she exclaimed happily and waved excitedly at Fiona who was busy looking through a brown bag which had been hidden below the driver’s seat. Getting no reaction from the wolf-lady, Callista happily began skipping after Draisho.

“Wait, girl.” Fiona said suddenly. Callista turned around and looked at her questioningly. “You are travelling with some pretty strange fellows. You may end up needing this.” The wolf-lady continued as she reached out her hand containing a small, purplish vial. Callista had returned to her and eyed the vial curiously.

“What is it?” she asked nervously.

“If you ever need to be alone, or get away, get them to drink this.” The wolf-lady would say no more and simply placed the vial in Callista’s hand and went back to tending to the horses. Callista wanted to ask again, but as Draisho’s calls were getting more frequent and irritated and Fiona seemed somehow unaware of her presence she decided not to. She stuttered an uncertain thank-you before stuffing the vial into her gown and running off to catch up to the others. Had she not been in such a hurry she might have been able to hear Fiona mutter to herself:

“Poor foolish little girl… ignorance truly is bliss…”

The remainder of the trip through the area went by rather uneventful. It was midday when they passed the Crown Guard Tower. Callista politely greeted the stern paladins who watched them suspiciously as they passed. One of them made a threatening motion towards Draisho, but Callista managed to calm the orc as to avoid a potential bloodshed. Late afternoon passed and so did Corin’s Crossing. East Wall Tower was a thing behind them as the sun set over the horizon. It was quite dark by the time they reached Northpass Tower, which was abandoned at the time. Abandoned Argent swords and shields scattered the ground, but no actual crusaders were to be found. They decided to settle in for the night, and “Lord Frederic”, knowing far too well what was to come, quickly snatched one of the bedrolls and claimed a remote storage room as his room for the night. Meanwhile, Draisho and Callista lit the fireplace in the main hall of the tower and settled in there. They were lucky as the main hall doubled as a sleeping hall and therefore featured a single bed, meaning that at least one of them wouldn’t have to sleep on the floor – not that sleeping was their… primary concern.

They spent quite some time just talking in front of the crackling fireplace. Callista showed the little vial that the wolf-lady had given her. Draisho inspected it casually but made no real remarks, other than that it may come in handy in regards to “the lord”. Callista was quite unsure about what it actually was, but Draisho assured her that it wasn’t anything lethal. Apparently he had seen this kind of liquid before and could confirm that it was nothing but a sleeping potion.

The night was creeping ever closer and the darkness was settling outside. The chilling howl of the roaming nocturnal plaguehounds would occasionally pierce the silence, yet no one felt threatened by these “wolves”, as Callista called them. After having verified that “Lord Frederic” was out of earshot, Callista got up and walked over to the bed. She sensually took off her gown while making sure to wiggle her hips unnecessarily in Draisho’s direction. She wanted him… so bad. Inside of her, preferably ten minutes ago – but he’d have to work a little for it this time though. He quickly took the hint and walked up behind her, throwing his shirt to the side – exposing his brawny torso.

He let his hands slowly drift over her silky skin, feeling each and every inch of her voluptuous figure. One of his hands eventually ended its journey by being cupped around one of her succulent breasts. The other continued downwards, towards her very inviting vulva. She giggled in response and leaned backwards, sensually embracing his lips with hers while slowly grinding her butt against his crotch. It didn’t take long before she could feel the familiar embrace of his growing member throbbing against her behind.

“I know what you want…” she mumbled seductively during their kiss while slowly pulling down his pants. Draisho only grunted in response. She gently wrapped her fingers around his erect member and guided it towards freedom. It pulsated gently in her hand, exciting her immensely. She began slowly moving her hand back and forth, intensifying the pulsations. Meanwhile Draisho was very gently rubbing Callista’s increasingly moistened vulva, paying extra attention to her very delicate clit.

Callista, still being rather sensitive, soon began moaning sensually – quivering slightly from Draisho’s gentle touch. She gave Draisho another kiss and turned around, giving her lip another lustful bite – something she knew he liked. She pushed him backwards onto the bed and then climbed on top of him. She turned her back towards him and began slowly moving her behind towards his face.

“Your turn,” she giggled as her already soaking wet nethers impacted with Draisho’s wanting lips. She began slowly moving her bottom back and forth, hypnotically, gently rubbing herself on his lips. Draisho grunted in approval as he placed both of his hands, firmly, on each of her smooth, jiggly buttocks and let his tongue go on an adventure through the valley of Callista’s delicacy. This was the first time that Callista had been explored by a curious tongue, and oh was he thorough! Up and down, and all around did his meticulous tongue venture: caressing her soft, exquisite labia, peeking curiously into her vagina, tickling her clit – leaving not a single spot of her unattended or unexplored.

By placing her bottom by Draisho’s face, she had strategically placed her own near his impressive length. Struggling to breathe in between her moans, she had once again tried to get as much of him as possible inside her mouth, and was now moving her head up and down. She aided her movements with her hand, forcing his shaft so deep down her throat that her jaw began protesting the intrusion. He twitched inside of her throat every so often, causing her to gag slightly, but – determined as she was – she kept going, pushing it slightly deeper with each attempt.

This went on for quite some time before Callista suddenly stopped and slipped out of Draisho’s grasp.

“You’ll have to work harder than that…” she whispered mockingly, yet affectionately. She moved her dripping extremities away from his face and, by straightening out her back, down towards his fierce erection. She rubbed her vulva slightly against his solid shaft before she carefully guided its tip into herself.

“Careful now…” she moaned as the sensation of its enormity entering her struck her. Perhaps she was hornier than last time, or perhaps the abundance of fluids helped, but this time around there was no struggle. Her ravenous vagina hungrily engulfed his member, allowing it deep access into her unknowns with little to no effort on her part. Draisho began thrusting carefully, making sure not to push too deep into her – worried that it might hurt her. She did not seem concerned as she moaned delightfully while doing her best to push against his force.

“Yes… like that…” she stuttered, out of breath. She rubbed her clit enthusiastically as Draisho worked to satisfy her evolving desires. She felt rather restless, wanting to stroll into pleasure land as soon as she possibly could. Over time, he slowly picked up the pace, causing her breasts to bounce increasingly sensually. She certainly didn’t mind the increased pace – quite the opposite as she mumbled encouragingly.

Soon after, the heightened intensity of Draisho’s grunts made it evident that he was getting close. Callista seemed to be on a similar note and stuttered, incoherently, between her moans: “So… close…” He had wanted her to say that for a long time now and roared triumphantly. He grabbed her thighs from below and lifted her backwards, causing her to essentially lie down on his chest. She knew what was about to happen and braced herself, placing her elbows on his rigid breast for stability. He began thrusting much more rapidly and aggressively, each thrust ramming against her cervix – sending powerful tremors of pleasure throughout her dainty figure. Callista couldn’t repress her moans anymore and her chirps of joy echoed through the empty halls of the tower as her body was once more consumed by the tingling that she so loved by now.

He was huffing and puffing heavily now and she could feel how his shaft had started twitching. She knew that he was but moments away from filling her up once more. She loved when he came inside of her, filling her to her brim with hot cum. It tickled so wonderfully as it slowly dribbled its way out of her. Just as she expected the warm sensation of her internal eruption Draisho abruptly pulled out of her. A disappointed “oh” escaped her lips as his throbbing member looked menacingly at her. Then the eruption came, out of the tip of his shaft several aggressive spurts of steamy white liquid shot all over her chest, partially covering her belly and her luscious breasts. Once it had finished its serenade it collapsed, flaccidly, onto her drenched, shivering vulva.
She relaxed her shoulders, falling fully onto his chest, and began fondling her cum-covered bosom. “That was… almost as great as yesterday…” she panted jokingly as she turned her head and looked up at Draisho who was groaning, almost as if in pain.

“Hey, handsome?” she asked, flirtatiously, yet concerned. “You okay?” she continued. But it mattered not, Draisho had already passed out. She repressed as well as she could a giggle as she noticed. She must be really good she thought, having the power to completely knock-out a man of his immense statue. She slid off his chest and lay next to him, wrapping one of her legs around his lower body. She played a little with the remnants of his hot seed on her nipples before she gave in to her own drowsiness. It didn’t take long until she had fallen asleep to the rhythm of his breaths. Inhale… exhale… inhale… exhale…