The Four Days of

Winter’s Veil

Author & Some images – Nidawi , Director & images/animations – Liard

Callista Pryce

Callista Pryce

Race – Undead
Class – Monk
Faction – Neutral

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Draisho Bloodscorn

Draisho Bloodscorn

Race – Orc
Class – Death Knight
Faction – Horde

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''Lord Frederic''

''Lord Frederic''

Race – Undead
Class – Priest
Faction – Horde

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Day 4

“GET UP, SLEEPYHEADS!” Callista’s voice bellowed excitedly throughout the small tower. “We’re almost there, no time to waste now!” she continued. The sun had barely even begun its daily cycle yet, and the two others groaned unhappily in response.

“You certainly woke up the dead last night…” “Lord Frederic” whined pathetically as he met up with them in the main hall, yawning unnaturally for a human. Callista blushed and grabbed Draisho’s arm with both her hands, almost as if hiding behind him.

“Well…” she started, looking up at Draisho with a sheepish expression, “I have a big man to take care of me.” She continued, in a mixture of embarrassment and affection. Draisho twitched anxiously and rubbed the ground lightly with his boot. “Lord Frederic” looked suspiciously at Callista and then at the orc, but then sighed and his normal indifferent expression took over once more. They had a quiet and awkward breakfast outside the tower and then got on their way.

They walked rapidly through the canyon, Callista excitedly leading the charge. It was almost midday by the time they passed through the abandoned gate leading to the Ghostlands. The Scourge banners placed around the entrance swayed ominously in the wind, and the wrecks from the previous assault still littered the ground – as if the battle were but yesterday. They walked down the narrow path towards Tranquillien, making sure not to anger the wild Ghostclaws roaming the area. The putrid stench of death and decay permeated the air around them, no doubt originating from the Dead Scar running alongside the road. They passed by a ziggurat located on top of a small cliff where the wail of thousands of trapped souls howled endlessly as their perpetual torment beat on. Callista, however, insisted that it was in fact a beautiful High Elven lookout tower, with intricate golden ornaments and marbled steps. The other two were a bit too uncomfortable to pay much attention to her claims.

They reached Tranquillien by late afternoon where many green-eyed elves buzzed about. They greeted the elves politely as they passed through. They, in return, eyed them incredulously, especially Draisho. Callista took a few moments to admire a large statue depicting two elven girls dancing happily in what could only be assumed to be warm sunlight. She thought they looked sad though, although she couldn’t explain why. Once they had departed Tranquillien and the last of the suspicious eyes had left them be, Draisho suggested that perhaps they ought to take an early night as they would reach Silvermoon City tomorrow, and being fresh and rested then would be highly beneficial. After all, the ominous aura of the woods around them had them on edge, except Callista of course who still insisted that the lands around them were covered with glistening snow and were very peaceful, which had made their normally rather brisk pace really slow in comparison. Callista agreed happily, brushing up against Draisho and giving him one of her adorable, petite yawns. “Lord Frederic” objected vehemently, arguing that they should just get it over with so that he could go home, but the others had already made up their mind.

They arrived at Suncrown Village shortly after. It appeared to be completely abandoned and quite decayed which surprised Callista as she had recommended this village due to it usually bustling with life. They walked around for a bit, but couldn’t find any elves or anyone, really. After a while, they agreed that there was no point to keep looking as the sun was already setting. They looked for an abandoned house and quite quickly found one that wasn’t too broken down. “Lord Frederic” walked inside to verify its abandonment, but only a few moments later his shrill cry echoed throughout the empty village. An arachnid-like hiss followed and he came flying out the door, crashing into a fencepost on the other side of the road outside the house. Callista covered her mouth with her hands and cried helplessly as an enormous spider-like beast emerged from the house. It had six long legs as well as two grasping arms with sharp claws attached to its almost perpendicular torso. Seven empty-looking ferocious eyes stared at them ravenously. “Lord Frederic” had gotten up into a sitting position and was pointing at the creature with a terrified expression.

“Cry… crypt fiend!” he stuttered as he struggled to get back on his feet. Draisho roared a mighty battlecry and pushed Callista to the side, out of harm’s way. She ran off and hid behind a tree, looking at the impending battle. The orc dropped the two bedrolls on the ground and drew his battle-worn axe and assumed a fighting pose, snarling threateningly at the crypt fiend. It bared its fangs menacingly at him and before Draisho had a chance to react it lunged its lumbering body at him. He fell to the ground with a loud grunt, dropping his axe. Behind her tree, Callista gasped in horror. The crypt fiend turned around, towering above the helpless orc. It hissed and raised its front legs, preparing to finish him off. With another grunt, the orc rolled off at the nick of time to save his life. He cried in pain as the sharp leg of the fiend impaled his leg. Eyes burning with pain and fury, Draisho stared defiantly at the monster as he grabbed his axe. With a powerful swoop, motivated by his primal urge to protect the one he loved, he chopped off its leg that had penetrated his own. The fiend shrieked and stumbled backwards. Leaning on his axe, Draisho forced himself up and pulled the remnants of its leg out. He threw it, pointy-end first, at the beast’s face – piercing one of its large eyes. It shrieked once more, reaching towards the object with its front claws while struggling to stand up its remaining legs. He limped up to it and raised his axe once more. It hissed furiously at him and flailed its claws in front of itself, evidently blinded by the bubbling black liquid oozing from its shattered eye. 

With another powerful blow he severed the beast’s torso from its body. In an explosion of black foul-smelling liquid it collapsed on the ground in front of him, its torso rolling a small distance away from the rest of its body. Its limbs twitched post-mortem and Draisho buried the blade of his axe into its lifeless remains, after which he himself fell to the ground, holding his hand over his own wound while yelping quietly. Callista rushed up to him and embraced him warmly, holding on to him for her very life. “Lord Frederic” approached as well and asked to look at the wound, he was a healer after all.

“You’re so strong and brave, my hero!” Callista cried while still latching onto Draisho. “Lord Frederic” sighed and responded:

“Fine, yes, we get it, he’s an orc! Now let me patch him up…”

Callista tilted her head and looked, first at Draisho and then at “Lord Frederic” confusedly, and then said:

“Orcs? Aren’t those the monstrous creatures from way down South? They’re awful, I surely hope we have none of those around!”

Draisho lowered his head dejectedly and if you looked close enough a single tear rolled down his cheek before vanishing before anyone else could notice.

“Oh, this is… this is simply TOO GOOD.” “Lord Frederic” chuckled when he realized just how dumb this girl was. Callista was still looking horribly oblivious and “Lord Frederic” decided not to startle the hive any further. He put a healing spell on Draisho’s leg and then helped him move inside with Callista’s help. They placed him on a dusty couch in front of a somewhat broken table around the middle of the room and helped him take off his armour. Callista sat down next to Draisho and wrapped her arms around him warmly. “Lord Frederic” sat down on the floor and eyed them, seemingly somewhat interested. He struggled momentarily but then asked:

“So… this entire time you didn’t know he was an orc?”

“That who was an orc?” Callista responded miserably and looked deep into Draisho’s eyes. “Certainly not this handsome, brave guy!” she added excitedly. Draisho smiled awkwardly and then whispered so that only Callista could hear: “the… potion…” Callista grinned and fetched the vial from under her gown. She walked up to the undead and showed it to him.

“What’s that?” he asked, indifferently, clearly more interested in inquiring more about the orc issue.

“Drink it,” Callista replied as she removed the cork.

“The hell I will!” he cried and moved slightly backwards. “Get away from me, crazy!”

Callista did not seem to mind his protests and instead leaned closer to him and whispered:

“You and I both know what will happen next…” she smirked. “If you drink this you won’t have to watch…”

Outright misery overcame his face as he realized what it was about to happen. He sighed deeply and chugged the contents of the vial.

“Anything but… that…” he mumbled incoherently as he passed out on the floor, snoring slightly.

Callista smiled radiantly and moved back to Draisho, she placed herself in front of him and began sensually taking off her gown. She then took off his shirt and sat down on the floor, in between his legs. She knew that he was hurt and his slow but heavy breathing added to that fact, but despite his injury she noticed how a rather prominent bulge was forming at his crotch. She looked up at him and smiled.

“Don’t worry, handsome.” She murmured affectionately. “I will take good care of you – like you did for me.” With some help from Draisho she carefully took off his pants, making sure not to scratch the area of the wound. She took his still somewhat flaccid member into her hands and did the familiar motion ever so gently. He grunted as her soft fingers came in contact with his sensitive skin. Slowly but surely, and with many grunts, Draisho’s length grew in her hands. Not satisfied with the result, she leaned forward and began licking his tip with her delicate tongue. She felt several convulsions raging through it. He grunted again as it reached its normal, most impressive size.

“That’s more like it,” Callista stated while licking her lips hungrily. She put them around its head and pushed down as hard as she could. Naturally, she couldn’t get it particularly far down but she did her best. She started sucking to her heart’s desire, using her tongue more aggressively than ever before. She felt amazing filling herself with him, regardless of which opening it was. Draisho had collapsed slightly backwards and was now resting almost lying down against the backrest of the couch. She knew that he was enjoying himself as he was quite often grunting in approval.

Undead – Mp4 , Gfy , Png

Human – Mp4 Gfy , Png

Not until she could taste his pre-cum did she stop. She pulled back slightly and giggled, after which she swallowed like a good girl with a soothing smile on her lips. She got up slightly and whispered sensually while once again biting her lower lip:

“Ready for me?” Draisho looked at her with tired, yet excited eyes, and grunted in agreement. She stood up and then sat down on his lap with her back against his chest. Putting her feet on his thighs and her hands on his shoulders she began rubbing her vulva against his immense length. As she kept moving she felt how her moisture level increased rapidly but she was adamant in teasing him some more before she let herself have any more fun. Draisho made the most moan-like grunt she had heard to-date which pleased her to the extent that she bent her upper body slightly so that she could give him a wet kiss.

Undead – Mp4 , Gfy , Png

Human – Mp4 , Gfy , Png

She kept this going for a surprisingly long time, Draisho often grunting with pleasure and squeezing her succulent breasts, until she could no longer contain herself. She placed her feet on the couch and leaned forwards, putting her hands on the table in front of them – causing her breasts to be completely at the mercy of gravity. She moved back as far as she could without falling and pushed his shaft into herself. Like the previous day, her vagina had adjusted to his size and once more devoured it without hesitation, drenching it in her own juices.

She started pushing herself, slowly and carefully, towards and away from him using her, for her size, surprisingly strong legs. Each stroke burrowed his thick length quite deep into her, sending a wave of excitement throughout. Despite already being filled up quite thoroughly, she still wanted more, way more –but she was worried that the wounded hero behind her would suffer. Perhaps subconsciously, she still increased the pace of her strokes over time and Draisho did not seem to mind. He was leaning far backwards over the backrest of the couch with a delighted expression on his face. He would grunt pleasantly every so often in appreciation of her efforts.

Some time passed and she was breathing increasingly heavily. This was without a doubt a rather straining process for her. Despite feeling intense pleasure throughout her body, magnified further with each stroke, she couldn’t help but feel how her limbs were protesting the rather vigorous workout. Eventually she couldn’t take much more and turned her head towards him and said jokingly, but with an affectionate smile:

“Help me out here a bit, will you big guy?”

Undead – Mp4, Gfy , Png

Human – Mp4 , Gfy , Png

Making sure not to let him accidentally pull out of her, she moved back once more, leaning her back onto his heaving chest. She kept her motions going while guiding his hands onto her hips where he quite quickly understood what she had wanted and helped her. With his powerful orcish hands secured around her round hips, boosting her up and then pushing her back down, the speed and intensity of her thrusts increased significantly. Her petite body was essentially bouncing up and down on top of him and she gasped each time his shaft tapped her cervix. The pleasure convulsions that were raging through her were too powerful, causing her to arch her back even more, placing her head on the top of the backrest. Her loud moans echoed throughout the abandoned village and one could only hope that it wouldn’t attract any more uninvited arachnid guests.

Their cacophony of moans and grunts would scare the most hardened of veterans as midnight approached.  They were both getting really close, Callista more so than Draisho – as made evident by her trembling ravaging her body.  She put an arm around Draisho and mumbled breathlessly: “Stay with me…” He grunted in acknowledgement and then, with a repressed growl, rammed his throbbing shaft as deep as it could possibly go, impacting rather violently with her cervix. She gasped and involuntarily threw herself backwards onto the backrest of the couch as the incredibly potent tingling pleasure erupted in her nether region before radiating outwards like a supernova. Like the first day, the intensity shocked her and she panted heavily, complicating her breathing. This was no time to rest, however, as Draisho kept thrusting and soon he too bellowed as he filled her with his warm seed.

Undead – Mp4 , Gfy , Png

Human – Mp4 , Gfy , Png

As he ejaculated his entire body lost its rigidness and they both collapsed slightly to the side, hitting the couch’s armrest. As they looked at each other, panting hot, sexy, air in each other’s faces, their fluids coalesced on their way out of Callista, ran down their skin in small streams, and were eventually soaked up by the soft textile below them. Looking deeply and affectionately into each other’s eyes they both wandered off into the lands of the dreamers.

The next morning everyone was excited for Winter’s Veil morning! Well, everyone except for “Lord Frederic”, of course. He was suffering from a massive headache from the concoction he ingested the previous night. Too excited to bother about breakfast or anything that you would usually do after waking up, Callista pulled the two with her out of the village. Draisho’s leg had healed miraculously over the night, thanks to “Lord Frederic’s” healing spell. He was still moving with a slight limp, but nothing that would prevent him from joining Callista in her excitement. They took a brief pause at the bridge leading to the Eversong Woods and had a quick, yet refreshing, morning bath. “Lord Frederic” stayed on the shore and looked at them with a hapless expression. Callista happily splashed water at Draisho who gladly splashed back and pretended she were conjuring massive waves at him. “Lord Frederic” hissed at her like a wounded cat when it was his turn to get wet.

After the bath, they resumed their journey. They followed along the Dead Scar until they reached the East Sanctum. There, they took to the right and went past the Farstrider Retreat. Upon reaching the waterfall slightly past the retreat, they could see the glorious gate leading to the City of the elves. Their task was complete. They had reached Silvermoon City, just in time for Grand Father Winter’s arrival. Draisho looked affectionately at Callista, who met his gaze. She wrapped her arms around him and he put his arm around her shoulders. They shared a long, tender kiss while admiring the elven architecture. “Lord Frederic” looked at them with contempt as they exchanged fluids. He sighed and said:

“You do realize that there’s a teleportation orb in the Undercity that leads right here, right?” Callista turned her head towards him with a questioning expression and asked:

“Undercity? What’s an ‘undercity’?” “Lord Frederic” looked at her hopelessly and then shook his head. He waved dismissingly with his hand and muttered:

“I give up… she’s just… too stupid…” Callista had not heard a word as she had turned back and had given Draisho an excited kiss on the cheek. “This makes me physically sick.” He continued with a depressed tone.

“Oh, you so silly, Lord Frederic!” Callista giggled as she grabbed both him and Draisho and ran off towards the city, immensely excited for all the enjoyment that was waiting for them.


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I don’t know if the Lord is cucked or just tired of her shit tbh


kinda stupid, hoped for some relation or sex with Lord also. Not event 3way? srsly?