The Four Days of

Winter’s Veil

Author & Some images – Nidawi , Director & images/animations – Liard
Callista Pryce

Callista Pryce

Race – Undead
Class – Monk
Faction – Neutral

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Draisho Bloodscorn

Draisho Bloodscorn

Race – Orc
Class – Death Knight
Faction – Horde

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''Lord Frederic''

''Lord Frederic''

Race – Undead
Class – Priest
Faction – Horde

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Day 1

It was the 22nd of December, and the Winter’s Veil festivities were well under way all across Azeroth. “Only a few more days left until Great Father Winter arrives!” you would often hear children excitedly telling their ever-so-weary parents. While the Holiday Spirits surely weren’t lacking, not all areas of Azeroth had been blessed by the soft, white embrace of winter. One of those areas was Lordaeron, which appeared to be stuck in a perpetual state of “early autumn during twilight”. Above the Undercity, a most special couple was preparing for the arrival of the Great Father.

“Quite beautiful, isn’t it?” Callista said excitedly, looking at the frozen lake surrounding the Capital City of Lordaeron. The lake sparkled prismatically as rays of sunlight hit its surface and tiny waves that had broken through cracks in the ice splashed tranquilly against the many rocks outlining the lake.

“What is?” her seemingly undead companion asked. “All I see is green bubbling goo.” He continued.

“Oh, don’t be silly, Lord Frederic!” Callista giggled, and gave her companion a slight push. “It’s Winter’s Veil after all, and I want to check the integrity of the ice!” she continued, not taken aback one bit.

“I wouldn’t recommend that, unless you want that smile of yours melted right off your face. Literally.” “Lord Frederic” retorted, clearly not amused with the situation.

But Callista paid him no mind, for in her world, one could not celebrate Winter’s Veil without ice-skating. Obviously, she had no ice skates, but she wouldn’t let such a petty detail stop her! She was still young, and full of energy. Standing by the side of the entrance to Undercity, near the bridge, “Lord Frederic” looked at her decaying body and shook his head. He turned around and walked back towards the gates, mumbling to himself:

“It’s like she’s getting dumber by the minute… “

“Who’s dumb?” an imposing voice asked him, and before he knew what had happened a rather bulky orc was blocking his path. The orc peered at him menacingly, and added, with a grin:

“Callista ain’t stupid. You’re stupid.”

Before “Lord Frederic” had a chance to respond to the greyish oaf, he heard Callista let out an enthusiastic cry about how they should watch her amazing skate-skills. The orc, clearly shocked, ran towards her and just as she was about to jump into the fizzling goo he grabbed her and secured her in his arms. Unfortunately, he lost his footing as he was trying to gain balance for both himself and the squealing girl, causing them both to fall over, landing on the stone road connecting the bridge to the town square.

“Lord Frederic” was still standing where the orc had stopped him, watching the disaster with the most amusement he had probably ever showed.

“You oaf!” Callista laughed while softly punching the orc’s chest with her hands. “I was just going for a quick skate.” She added, innocently, with a soft smile on her face.

The orc got up and helped her on her feet. He took her hand and walked over to “Lord Frederic” while mumbling something about the city being dangerous for a girl that beautiful. Callista only giggled in response to his words of caution, clearly not paying attention. When they reached him, the orc asked:

“Who exactly are you?” But he had no chance to respond before Callista interrupted them, jumping in between them and wrapping her arms around him. She exclaimed happily:

“He’s Lord Frederic, silly! I thought you knew him!”

“Cannot say that I do,” the orc responded.

“And I am mighty thankful for that.” “Lord Frederic” stated, sarcastically.

Callista seemed completely oblivious of the hostility between the two, being too busy watching her own reflection in “Lord Frederic’s” impressive shoulder plates. The orc sighed, not caring much about the undead’s remark, and looked at her yearningly. How he loved her, despite her decomposing body. Her hair still had the hue of dark blood, just like it had… all those years ago. Her face, still as well-shaped and gorgeous, and her eyes, still mesmerizing him every time he looked at them. Even her lips, despite looking somewhat different from what he could remember, were as succulent as ever, and he longed for the chance to touch them with his. He had gone through so much to bring her back, and sure, she had shown appreciation for him, but nothing on the level of what he felt for her. He looked down and shook his head, perhaps this would be the Winter’s Veil where he finally got the opportunity to tell her exactly how he felt.

He wished that this ridiculous “Lord” would go away so that he could properly ask Callista to go with him somewhere. The talk of the town was that the Blood Elves up in Silvermoon City would be throwing one hell of a party this year. Perhaps he could take her there. He took Callista’s hand and gently pulled her away from “Lord Frederic”, who didn’t seem to care. In fact, he seemed relieved as he slowly walked backwards, away from Callista.

Putting his arm around her shoulders and his face as close to hers as possible without being too creepy he whispered:

“Have you heard? I was told that the elves up North were going to have one hell of a party this Winter’s Veil.”

Callista took a step back, out of his arms. She tilted her head and looked at him for a long time. The orc felt uneasy being stared down like this, but as the seconds went by, Callista’s expression became increasingly pleasant.

“We should go! We should go!” Callista suddenly bubbled and clapped excitedly. She turned towards “Lord Frederic” who had almost managed to escape back into the Undercity. “Oh, Lord Frederic! Won’t you come with us?!” she cried with unbridled excitement, on the verge of jumping up and down out of sheer ecstasy.

“Oh joy of joys… a trip…” “Lord Frederic” grunted as he realized that there was no way for him to pretend that he didn’t hear and then slip away.

“That’s a yes!” Callista exclaimed happily.

“Not rea…” “Lord Frederic” begun, but realized that it was of no use. She had clearly made up her mind about things already. He had just been doomed to going on a trip with a babbling fool of a girl and a lumbering oaf of an orc. “Truly marvellous.” he muttered to himself as he walked back to the couple.

“Well, it seems like we will be stuck with each other for a while. I am Draisho.” The orc said, dejectedly, as he reached them. “And you should call me exactly that.” He added, somewhat aggressively.

“Lord Frederic” looked at him apathetically, and stated: “I couldn’t care less about what a mongrel such as yourself would be called.”

Draisho wasn’t entirely sure what the undead had just said, but he was certain that it wasn’t something pleasant. Lacking a more intelligent comeback, he bared his teeth and let out a low growl-like sound, but the undead was clearly uninterested in his show of underdeveloped social skills.

As they departed the Capital through the front gate they were enveloped by Callista’s enchanting murmurs as she excitedly eyed her surroundings. It was a beautiful day, the sun illuminated the happy citizens of Lordaeron and the birds were holding a cheerful symphony, almost as if it were dedicated to Callista. Even the aged trees around them seemed to be humming along with aptly timed creaks and soughs. The kingdom’s banners towered above them on both sides, their colours sparkling in contrast to the sun-glistening snow that covered the ground and the vegetation that was fighting an uphill battle to avoid the white embrace of winter. “Lord Frederic”, however, seemed totally indifferent to his surroundings, and Draisho appeared to be far too occupied by thoroughly scrutinizing Callista’s bottom to notice anything else.

As they continued down the road away from Undercity they passed by the road leading to Brill, and shortly after that a small camp, attended by only a small amount of people.

“Happy Winter’s Veil!” Callista exclaimed gleefully at the camp’s inhabitants. Their only response was a slight mutter and one of them even rolled his eyes and turned away. Callista lowered her head dejectedly and looked tragically into Draisho’s eyes. Draisho snarled aggressively and exposed a small part of his oversized axe for the impolite camp dwellers to see. They quickly changed their minds and pleaded the most sincere greeting they could muster to Callista before running off towards Brill. Callista raised her head again and gave Draisho a quick, but thankful, hug before continuing down the road, happily humming a delightful lullaby from her youth. If “Lord Frederic” would have cared even a little bit, he would have noticed that Draisho had a slight blush for several minutes after the event.

A clatter of bone and steel could be heard as the party went on their merry way along the rocky road towards the Western Plaguelands. The sun had started to set as they encountered a sign roughly halfway to the border. The sign provided them with four options: “Brill”, “Undercity”, “Plaguelands”, and “Balnir Farmstead”. The first two were naturally discarded because going there would be, according to Callista, “absolutely crazy!” It was getting late, something of which they were all quite aware. The darkness around them had concealed most of the few surrounding trees and wild life. Draisho was nervously scratching the ground with his iron boot while looking anxiously at Callista, almost as if he wanted to pick her up and run far, far away. “Lord Frederic”, on the other hand, seemed completely indifferent to the present situation, although he did appear to be a little extra agitated by the noise that Draisho was making. Their strained silence was interrupted by Callista, who grabbed “Lord Frederic” by his arm and pointed in the direction of the Balnir Farmstead, and exclaimed excitedly:

“Balnir Farmstead, I wanna go to Balnir Farmstead!” she paused to take a breath. “Oh please, Lord Frederic, can’t we go?”

Draisho, clearly not amused by the amount of attention that “Lord Fredric” was getting, looked at Callista, and then at him, before muttering:

“It is rather late and Callista does need her beauty sleep.”

“Why would any of us need sleep?” “Lord Frederic” asked, clearly disinterested. “We’re dea…” he continued, but was interrupted by Callista who wrapped her arm around his and exclaimed:

“Oh silly you, Lord Frederic!” and then turned towards Draisho and added, affectionately, “We all need our beauty sleep, don’t we, handsome?”

Upon seeing Draisho nod with a mixture of shyness and reluctance, Callista, still with “Lord Fredric” in tow, skipped happily towards the farmstead, completely ignoring his vehement protests. Draisho followed slightly behind the other two, muttering something which would, to an objective ear, sound a whole lot like a scheme… a rather violent scheme.

As they approached the farmstead, they were greeted by the grim view of two dead, decomposing corpses, hanging from a tree outside of a house that was located next to the farmstead’s one and only field. The pungent stench of decomposition and rotten flesh was overwhelming, and the buzz of flies feasting on the remains filled the air, but the party seemed largely unaffected.

“Oh, look!” Callista exclaimed . “Winter’s Veil decorations! Oh, they’re so pretty!” she walked towards the hanging corpses, raising her hand as if to grab one of them.

“Yeah, don’t touch that.” “Lord Frederic” said, indifferently, as he casually walked past the corpses. Callista looked at him questioningly. She raised a finger as if to ask something, but was interrupted by Draisho’s burly arm being placed around her shoulders. He leaned in towards her and whispered something along the lines of being careful and that this was a dangerous place for a delicate flower such as herself. Things which she, clearly, did not particularly pay much mind, but Draisho insisted.

While the two were discussing the danger of the situation in surprisingly secretive whispers, “Lord Frederic” had continued ahead and was now walking, seemingly anxiously, around the confined space between the house and the farmstead’s barn. He would occasionally kick the ground while muttering to himself how Winter’s Veil had never made any sense to him. He hadn’t even seen any snow since half of an eternity ago, when he got lost in the Alterac Valley trying to find his way to Tarren Mill to barter with a few “freshly” caught rabbits.

“Oh, come on,” “Lord Frederic” exclaimed after waiting for the two to finish their conversation for quite a while. “By the time you two are done haggling I will have died a second time.” He walked towards the rather worn-down house which had probably belonged to the corpses at some point. Callista and Draisho paused and looked at him. Callista seemed confused, but Draisho simply shrugged. He took Callista’s hand, and they both followed him inside the little house.

The inside of the house was very dusty and it smelled as one would expect: decay. A few soft rays of moonlight did their best to illuminate the insides through the very limited amount of dirty windows. A family of terrified mice rushed out as they entered, and “Lord Frederic” eyed them hungrily, but did nothing to stop them from escaping. The house was equipped with a cosy-looking fireplace which had the remains of a couch placed in front of it. A couple of broken and half-broken chairs had been thrown in a corner. It certainly was no luxurious resort, but it would have to do. “Lord Frederic” rolled his eyes as the dim-witted orc tried to look imposing in order to secure a place for Callista on the couch. Draisho smirked foolishly when he realized his “victory” as “Lord Frederic” lay down on the floor with an irritated sigh and assumed a sleeping position. Noticing how Callista was keeping herself busy playing with a piece of textile which had been torn from the couch, Draisho fetched a chair, shattered it with his powerful orcish hands, and placed it in the fireplace. He carefully lit in with his tinderbox and, taking off his plate armour and placing it safely against a wall, sat down on the couch, next to Callista.

The flames crackled tranquilly as they gnawed their way through the pieces of wood, illuminating the house with a peaceful aura. Draisho, affected by the dancing flames which, to him, were very romantic, placed one of his hands on Callista’s upper thigh, giving it a light massage. She abandoned the couch with her gaze and instead looked deep into Draisho’s eyes. Draisho opened his mouth, but no words came out. He found himself stunned by her immeasurable beauty; drowning in her eyes. She tilted her head and peered at him curiously. In the background they heard “Lord Frederic” stir.

“I…” Draisho begun, but quickly interrupted himself by biting his own lip harshly.

“Yes?” Callista asked with a smile and placed one of her hands on his. Draisho looked anxiously at “Lord Frederic” and then again on Callista. He cleared his throat begun:

“I’d like to… if you’d allow me of course, be closer…” he stopped and put both of Callista’s hands in his. Callista was still looking at him curiously, yet hesitantly. She fidgeted awkwardly and asked, with a whisper:

“But what about Lord Frederic? He’s sleeping right there.”

“Sleeping?” the undead growled. “Certainly not anymore.” He continued, sarcastically. Before Draisho had the time to say anything, he got up and walked out of the house, muttering something about pestering kids and that he didn’t sign up for this shit. He slammed the door behind him, leaving the two in peace.

Upon seeing “Lord Frederic” depart, Draisho seemed reinvigorated and determined to continue his advance. He let go of Callista with one hand and placed his arm around her shoulders. She kept looking at him, her eyes having that certain gleam. He moved closer to her and she put her head on his shoulder, still maintaining eye contact.

“You’re so beautiful…” he mumbled. Callista giggled delightfully and responded:

“You’re not so bad yourself, mister!”

Draisho moved his head towards hers, and their lips came dangerously close to touching. Suddenly, Callista twitched and moved her face away and buried it into his chest and sobbed something into his shirt. Draisho tightened his embrace slightly and asked, soothingly, what was wrong. She kept sobbing. He stroked her hair gently and tried to calm her. After a while, she looked up and whispered, her upper lip quivering:

“I… I like, like like you but I don’t know how this works,“ she sobbed again. “I have never done anything like this before and…” she was interrupted by Draisho putting one of his fingers over her lips and whispered:

“It’s okay,” while smiling warmly at her and gently wiping a small stream of tears off of her cheek. Finally, his dreams were coming true. Here he was, sitting with the love of his life in his arms, and she essentially just told him that she did indeed feel something for him, even though she didn’t seem to know what exactly. But it was enough for his heart to flutter and his cheeks to actually look somewhat alive again. He reached for her lips with his once more, and he almost felt that he could hear the banshees sing once more as they touched. Her lips were warm and moist, and he extended their meeting for as long as he could before Callista pulled away. She giggled and said that she actually does need to breathe.

“That was kinda nice!” she added with a radiant smile.

“I am glad,” Draisho responded. “Would you like to try that again?” he asked. Without saying anything, Callista pushed him backwards, causing him to lie down slightly with his back resting against the backrest behind him. She moved on top of him and ravenously attacked his vulnerable lips with hers. Some time passed as they exchanged saliva before Callista begun massaging his firm, muscular chest. Draisho waited a moment, and then innocently moved one of her dancing hands downwards – towards his longing member which was already standing at attention, in approval of the ongoing events. Her hand twitched a bit as it reached his lower extremities.

“Now what’s this?” she asked, coyly, and looked at him while sensually biting her lip.

“Why don’t you find out?” Draisho responded, trying to seem calm and charming, despite the fact that his entire body was shivering with anticipation. He could feel his length throbbing with enthusiasm and he hoped that it would not worry her. She did not seem bothered one bit, and instead lowered her head slightly and looked down at the immense bulge protruding through his pants.

“Oh my,” she said, seductively. “You must really like me,” she added with a giggle.

Draisho smiled foolishly at her, far too occupied with trying to convince his brain that this was really happening. Carefully, Callista slipped her hand in under Draisho’s pants and clasped her curious fingers around the colossal object that they found beneath. She let out a muzzled gasp as she measured the size of Draisho’s perpendicular limb. She stroked it slightly, seemingly unsure of what to do next. She then rose slightly and straightened out her back. She turned her head and gained eye contact with Draisho, who nodded encouragingly at her and helped her pull down his pants. Reinvigorated, she kept the motion going, slowly at first, but with increasing speed as time went on. Watching her movements and feeling her soft touch upon him, Draisho could no longer contain himself. He had to see her, he had to feel her. He raised his shivering hands towards her shoulders, aiming desperately to remove the textile covering her lush curves and silky skin. She smiled and made no attempt at stopping him; in fact, she took one of his hands in her free one and guided it through the process to disrobing her. As the gown came off, Draisho drew a deep breath at the sight of her voluptuous body.

“Now it’s your turn,” Callista said, playfully. She helped him take off his shirt and ran her fingers sensually along his brawny chest. Being in the nude together with Draisho seemed to have made her feel more confident, and in a sort of a stunt she gracefully slipped towards the end of the couch, placing her mouth dangerously close to his pulsating shaft.

Her new position provided Draisho with better access to her body, and he immediately took advantage of this development. He placed one hand over her shoulders, giving them a light massage while also, very innocently, of course, beckoning her head towards his gigantic member. The other hand he ran along her back towards her bottom, embracing her soft skin with his fingers. Callista didn’t struggle and allowed Draisho to move her ever closer to his shaft, until it touched with her lips.

“I don’t… I don’t know if I can…” she stuttered as she watched his length tower imposingly above her.

“You don’t have to…” Draisho began but was interrupted by Callista looking at him defiantly.

“Sure I do!” she exclaimed. “I want to.” She added, eyes gleaming with determination.

She moved her mouth towards the tip and slowly parted her lips, calculating the optimal approach to defeat this immense adversary. Noticing that Callista was busy with the task at hand, Draisho moved his hand towards her nethers. He felt her entire body tremble slightly as he ran his fingers over her quivering vulva, but she didn’t flinch nor did she stop her advance. She had now managed to get her lips around the tip, and was doing her best motion her head back and forth, while also stimulating it with her tongue.

“You’re soaked…” Draisho mumbled, seemingly in a state of ecstasy. He gently massaged the entirety of her dripping loveliness. She moaned delightfully as he carefully entered her with two fingers, and began moving them, in and out, while wiggling them gently. Their symphony of moans pierced through the silence of the night, and they could hear “Lord Frederic” mutter something outside about quieting down, but they paid him no mind.

“More…” she moaned during a brief pause. Draisho was happy to oblige, and increased the speed and reach of his fingers, going even deeper inside of her, causing her dripping vulva to splosh ever so pleasantly.

Over time, her trembling intensified and her moans became so potent that she had to let go of Draisho’s shaft and stabilize herself on his chest. Her emotions were in turmoil at this point, on the one hand she was uncertain about what exactly was going on with her, and her body in particular, but on the other, she absolutely loved the feeling of Draisho’s fingers moving inside of her, and her body reciprocated the feeling by pulsating with each ripple of pleasure shooting from her lower extremities.

She felt something building up inside of her, the ripples were consuming her body and she felt that she was about to lose control of herself. She threw her head back and let out a yelp as she felt a previously unexperienced, immensely pleasurable, tingling sensation explode inside of her and radiate throughout her body. Its force combined with her shock caused her to lose her balance and fall to the floor, where she remained for a few moments, panting loudly, to recover. She opened her eyes again and saw a worried and confused Draisho above her, leaning out from the couch.

“Are you okay?” he asked, somewhat foolishly. Still shaking slightly from the recent experience, something she later discovered to be an “orgasm”, she got up, running her hands along Draisho’s thighs, until she reached his shaft once more.

“Never been better, “she responded with a slight grin, and then grabbed his enormous member with one of her hands, to the best of her ability considering the size. Small streams of fluids ran down Callista’s thighs, coalescing into minor puddles of joy on the floor.

“Time to repay the favour,” she continued, seductively, and pushed Draisho back onto the backrest of the couch and then wrapped her lips around his length once more. Grunting noticeably she pushed her head further and further down, gagging slightly, until she had managed to get the entire head into her mouth. Draisho let out a loud grunt as his tip impacted with the back of Callista’s throat. She began moving her head back and forth, each time taking it as far down as she could. As Callista’s motions became faster Draisho’s grunts became louder and he began trembling, which increased over time. Callista felt how he was throbbing inside of her mouth and she could taste an unfamiliar substance. She paid it no mind and happily continued along. Hearing Draisho’s grunts and seeing his body tremble with pleasure encouraged her, making her feel great, and honestly quite powerful. Suddenly, Draisho pulled out slightly and a hot, sticky substance, much like the previous one but… thicker, erupted in her mouth – filling it to the brim and pushing itself down her throat. She flinched backwards, falling onto her butt. Unsure what to do next, she briefly tasted the substance before swallowing it in one giant gulp.

“Icky,” she stated and looked up, smiling, at Draisho who was panting loudly, his massive chest heaving. “That was… amazing… we have to do that again,” she added, excitedly.

“I am sure we could do that,” Draisho stuttered in response, still out of breath. Not much more was said before Callista slipped up on the couch together with Draisho and they both dozed off in each other’s embrace. Later on, had they not been so deeply asleep due to their exhaustion from the ravages earlier that night they may have been able to hear a wolf’s howl, followed by several howls, followed by snarling and the sound of furry paws hitting wet grass and rock. This was then followed by “Lord Frederic’s” shooing which quite quickly turned into yelps as the low snarls turned into increasingly aggressive growls. Plenty of struggling and growling stirred the peace outside the house, and shortly after a loud crack echoed through the farm which was quickly followed by a disgruntled mutter and something hard, but seemingly hollow, being chewed. The paws departed the farm and silence reigned supreme once more.
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I Loved it! Can’t way to the rest of the Story, your work is indeed AMAZING, Liard!


I love how the story is progressing. I’ve read all three chapters, and my favorite character has been Lord Frederic, since I sympathize and understand the character to a certain point. He also makes good for a laugh. Still amidst all this fucking, you’d wonder why it is he never just slips out during the night……probably afraid of being attacked by wolves again. Anyway, looking forward to the forth, and I’m assuming last chapter, since the title is pretty self explanatory. Hope you update soon.