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(website was briefly down due to some testing lol.) Currently looking into the login issue, where you get logged out if you close your browser, or you have to login again every few hours. I am hoping to lenghten the time inbetween logins, from a few hours to at least every 5 or so days. Weve finally found out a bit more about the problem, but i doubt itll be fixed today <:D


Cast pages are back to normal, and no longer white and buggy.


Awesome news. The search function on my website now lets you search for whatever you want, so you can now combine forex – Jaina anal, and itll give you relevant search options. Same goes for malfurion, gay, horse etc. The archives images have now also been maximized, so that images should no longer appear ugly and blurred. The website is soon back to where it was before the sad mistake that was made yesterday (minus all the dead links that had been replaced.)

days until I start accepting commission emails.