Rules / Terms of Service

General disclaimer

I reserve the right to re-use the animation of your commission, and use it to make alternate versions for my patrons, and eventually patron oc swaps.

This means that I will completly replace the background and characters in your commission to make sure that your commission remains the unique original. 

Example of a swap – Original , Swap 1 , Swap 2

Payment Disclaimer

First off, I do NOT accept refunds at all. It is on you to verify that you are indeed able to make a purchase from me. If I do accept your commission, you will have to pay up front, before I begin processing your order. You will get the relevant payment information by email once you are required to pay.

As hinted in the previous tab, only the details in the actual commission will be added to the picture or animation. If you, as the commissioner, decide that you want extra details added once the commission has been accepted and paid for, it is up to me if I choose to include them. I am, however, not particularly strict so do feel free to ask and I am sure that we can reach a mutually beneficial outcome (this also applies if you chose the “story”-option).

Content Disclaimer

Before you order anything, it is important to know that these pictures/animations are created using World of Warcraft assets. What this means is that the content of your order does not belong to neither me nor you. You are simply paying me to make World of Warcraft fan art featuring your characters, settings, etc. This is just like how your actual World of Warcraft account works. You do not own your account, you simply pay for the right to use it from Blizzard (this is why they can ban you without reason should they want to, as they own the account). You can find more information in Blizzard’s official ToS.

Underaged characters, scat, gore, murder during sexual acts, female animals/ penetration of them, penetration of orifices other than the mouth, ass or vagina. Eating other characters, or unaturally large body parts. 

There are more, but I cant think of the names of them all. I will point it out to you if you ask for a kink I wont do.

All sexualities.

I accept all playable races.

Yes. Make sure to read the rules regarding futasif you want a dick on a female character model.

The boobs range from flat chested to double Ds. The pussy comes in a default size due to animation limitations. 

Horse, knot and humanoid dicks.

I will only put a humanoid dick on draenei of either gender. 

The dick size has to fit the characters proportions. I will not do animations where a character has an inhumanly big dick. If you want that, you should commission someone else for a drawing, or a 3d image. Animating such big dicks is a living hell.

I can enhance it , However I will not do inhumane sizes.

I accept all npcs, but most npcs take longer to undress. Depending on the npc it may cost more to use, if you want it fully undressed.

Yes. I will create them as similar as I am able to. This will not cost anything extra.

If however you want creative control over their look, it might cost extra depending on what you want to add. 

Things like stockings etc will not cost extra.




Yes, but I only accept male beasts for sexual content.

The male beasts also have to conform to patreons rules/guidlines.

This means that any animal that resembles in real life animals are not allowed.

Clearly fantasy animals like felhunters, undead horses etc are however allowed.

Yes, same amount as if they were to be in the foreground.

Sure, I will most likely accept, but please check my cast page to see what sexuality that specific character is. Exceptions can be made if i really like your idea.

If you use my character for a commission, you will not have to pay for the character/customization fees, as the character has already been made.

Futa, shemale, femboy.. whatever you want to call it. These rules apply as long as I have to put a dick on a female character model.

  1. The dick has to be humanoid. 
  2. The dick size can not be bigger then what matches the characters hand size.
  3. Character can only recieve during sex, no giving. 
  4. I accept masturbation pictures only if the character is fingering themselves, or the pose/action is not focusing solely on the dick.

There will be no exceptions.

No. The only way for you to get a discount is if youre a patron on Patreon.

The different ranks have different discounts.

Only if the 2 characters featured are lore characters, or ingame npcs.

If one of the characters are not ingame characters, they count as oc’s, meaning only the commissioner is allowed to pay for extra angles for that commission.

You can order that, with the following rules – No sucking eachothers dicks off. No penetrating eachother. Fingering and use of dildos is completly fine.

As this is not actually included in your prize(However it is something that a lot of people like to be able to do) You are allowed to commission them. Each new camera angle costs 10$, just as it would if it was a commission.

If you wish to do this, I will give you the oppurtunity to do so the same month as you wont the oc poll.