Swap 94

Gaining The Upper Hand

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Swap 93

Genn’s Vision of Nzoth

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Game summary –

This is a small interactive scene, with male and female camera povs, cinematic camera viewer, and a free camera to go around the scene as you wish. The game includes over 30 expressions randomised with dirty talk done by quality voice actors. The game is made to be run with or without VR(VR is definitely reccomended if you have the equipment, as it is super immersive) Overall there is 5 sex poses, with some minor variations, including a speed slider. The expression system is wired up to the speed slider, so faster vs slower sex speed will change the intensity of the expressions/moans. Credits and links to voice actor/game creator are included within the game. Enjoy the game!

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Build fixes –

  • Added credits.
  • Made it so the vr and non vr menu properly communicate with eachother.(were originally treated as two separate menus, and sometimes the game would only update the 2d menu in vr mode.)
  • made it so vr menu rotates towards camera, and is spawned by vr controller, but linked to the vr headset, for a much more streamlined experience using the vr menu.
  • made user settings savable, and added user settings for graphics options.
  • added vr controllers to game, where only one should be used at a time, and can be switched between in the options menu, for left and right handed users.
  • made vr teleportation possible in free camera mode. VR controller can steer freecamera up and down with thumbstick.
  • re-weighted sylvanas hood.
  • re-worked options menu.
  • Cinematic camera now responds to new poses being ran, and will update its camera angles accordingly.
  • made tons of fixes to each camera type to make the menu work decently.
  • Ive gone through the whole game, and made sure resource heavy features now use less resources, so depending on your pc setup, the game should by default give you 5-40 fps more, without changing the graphics options.
  • added tooltips for options menu