The preshow (October 2018)

Gfy, Mp4, Img

Gfy, Mp4, Img

Here is a little quick context to these animations. I am slowly working on a background story for most of my porn characters, and so, my adult toy store owner Veera(draenei), has opened an exclusive brothel, and she personally trains all of her hosts and workers, to make sure that they put on good shows for the high class costumers. Twincest is sometimes part of that, for costumers that pay extra. So, these swaps just show a little training session.

In the future, I want to start adding small written texts to future animations to add some context to my ocs animations.


Lecia Silverwing

Race – High Elf

Class – None

Faction – Alliance

Sexuality – Straight (bi-curious)

Birthplace – Quel’Thalas

current residence – Dalaran

Occupation – Stripper


Languages spoken –

Common, Thalassian, Darnassian, Orcish

Perceived as –

Reserved, shy, kind

Likes –

Pet play, being dominated/submissive, triple penetrations, Edan Highblade, masturbation

Dislikes –

Being disrespected, Dirty work

Relations –

Edan Highblade


Pixy Portbolt

Zate Dawnfire

Zatera Ravenheart