The Four Days of

Winter’s Veil

Author & Some images – Nidawi , Director & images/animations – Liard
Callista Pryce

Callista Pryce

Race – Undead
Class – Monk
Faction – Neutral

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Draisho Bloodscorn

Draisho Bloodscorn

Race – Orc
Class – Death Knight
Faction – Horde

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''Lord Frederic''

''Lord Frederic''

Race – Undead
Class – Priest
Faction – Horde

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Day 2

The next morning Callista awoke as the sun rose. She let out a petite yawn and noticed a naked Draisho lying next to her, one arm over her stomach. She smiled as she remembered the intense pleasure she had experienced the previous night and, despite not completely remembering what had happened, she was indeed eager to try it again. She pushed away his arm and got up, looking around the small house for her clothes. The sun was shining rather brightly now, and illuminated the room nicely through the rather large windows. She found them in a corner and proceeded to putting them on, stating aloud:

“Oh, I do hope Lord Frederic didn’t freeze out there tonight. Such a gentleman, keeping us safe.”

She smiled to herself while walking back over to Draisho where she gave him a light tap. “Wake up, sleepyhead.” She chirped affectionately. Draisho stirred slightly and muttered something unintelligible but didn’t rise. Callista shrugged and walked over to the door, opened it, and went outside.

“What a beautiful day…” she yawned while stretching out her arms in front of her to better bask in the bright morning sun. Her contemplations were quickly interrupted as she spotted an oddly-shaped object out on the field, only but a few meters away.

“How odd.” She proclaimed as she walked over. Upon her arrival, she noticed that the oddly-shaped object was a golden-plated leg which had been torn off by the knee. She covered her mouth with her hands and gasped desperately:


Draisho heard her shrill cry and came speeding to her defence, still in the nude. He looked incredulously at the leg on the ground, and then his face was overcome with an evil grin. He chuckled malevolently as he realized that this could mean that the silly “Lord”-problem had been solved on its own for him, without him having to do anything himself, or having to come up with a convenient excuse for Callista.

“Over here, you fools.” The voice came from behind them, over by the well outside of the house. “And for Heaven’s sake, cover that atrocious thing of yours.” The two turned around and saw “Lord Frederic”, minus one leg, leaning against the well. Callista rushed over and kneeled down next to him and began bombarding him with stuttered and worried questions about what had happened, why they hadn’t noticed, and similar things that no one in their right mind would have listened to. Meanwhile, Draisho looked down and noticed his length embracing the lack of restricting armour and awkwardly looked back up before rushing back into the house.

“Lord Frederic” shook his head and impatiently waved off her worries. “Just get me my damn leg.” He stated, irritatingly. Obediently, Callista fetched his leg and with a low grunt he attached it back to his leg with ease. Callista’s eyes widened and her jaw dropped.

“Lord Frederic… you must be a most powerful paladin!” she exclaimed in a mixture of shock and awe.

“Yeah… whatever.” “Lord Frederic” responded as he got up and began departing the farm, deliberately not waiting for Draisho to get ready. Anxiously, Callista got up and ran to fetch Draisho who was clumsily trying to dress as quickly as he humanly… err… orcishly could. Seeing his brawny body glistening in the morning sun caused Callista’s mind to be overcome with temptation and she lustfully licked her lips. Carefully, she snuck up behind him and then covered his eyes with her hands.

“Guess who?” she purred while lightly grinding her body against his back.

“Lord Frederic?” Draisho responded, playfully.

“No,” she giggled delightfully and tickled him gently. “It’s me!” she continued, jubilantly. Draisho turned around and embraced her tenderly, a gesture which she happily reciprocated, while whispering never for her to leave him.  She looked questioningly at him with that adorable yet confused look on her face, and opened her mouth slightly. Just as she was about to ask what he had said, she remembered that “Lord Frederic” was probably half-way to the Bulwark by now. She slipped out of his arms and quickly helped him dress before rushing after “Lord Frederic” with a confused and somewhat dejected Draisho in tow.

Upon returning to the signpost which had the day before led them to the farmstead, they noticed “Lord Frederic” hurrying back towards the Undercity as fast as he possibly could with his not fully functional leg. He was evidently not moving very fast since he was still rather close to them.

“Oh, silly Lord Frederic!” Callista exclaimed gleefully. “Where are you going?” she continued. He didn’t respond and instead tried to up his pace while muttering under his breath that he wanted nothing to do with those nutjobs. She turned to Draisho and said with a smile:

“It seems like Lord Frederic is a little confused and got lost! Would you mind showing him the right way?”

Draisho grunted dejectedly and hurried after the undead, quickly catching up to him. He picked up “Lord Frederic” and carried him, kicking and struggling like a child, back to Callista. She excitedly assured a very disgruntled “Lord Frederic” that he was a little confused and had gotten lost but that everything was alright now. Paying no attention to his protests, the three resumed their journey. The sun was still high on the sky as they passed through the Bulwark and entered into the Western Plaguelands – a land which was, according to Callista, very beautiful with plenty of both flora and fauna.

The journey through the Western Plaguelands was rather uneventful but Callista was keeping herself busy by explaining to Draisho, in lavish detail, just how pretty everything was around them, especially the colourful winter flowers and the rich, snow-covered trees. Draisho, the foolish romantic that he thought he was, had even picked up what he thought was her favourite flower, something which had awarded him a warm hug. Draisho, while giving her all the attention she could possibly ever want, was also carefully scanning  their tree-crammed surroundings, often snarling aggressively at the brown bears roaming around, ready at any second to throw himself in her defence. “Lord Frederic” seemed to have accepted his fate and was indifferently strolling behind the other two. He would occasionally kick a stone or annoying rodent out of the way, or sigh deeply at Callista’s wild claims about the plague- and beast-ridden lands in which they were currently traversing. During one of Callista’s extraordinarily wild stories about the snow-filled lands “Lord Frederic” couldn’t contain himself any longer and asked:

“Must be lovely walking through all that snow barefooted, huh?”

“Actually, it’s really cold!” Callista responded happily, completely unaware of the implied sarcasm. “Lord Frederic” said no more for quite some time after that.

Shortly after midday, they walked past the Felstone Fields. Callista wasn’t walking since she had playfully jumped up on Draisho’s shoulder a while ago, excitedly crying “giddy up!”. Draisho didn’t mind though, and securely held her in place with one of his big hands. He enjoyed carrying her gorgeous, slender body – having the warmth of her skin close to his, her lively scent invigorating him. The labourers working at the fields were hard at work, buzzing about the complex. In the middle of the field two of them were standing next to a slightly green-tinted stack of hay. They were seemingly arguing somewhat violently, but it was too far away for either of the three to tell what was going on. Not that two of them were even paying attention to begin with. Further along the road, they found an abandoned carriage by the side of an intersection outside Dalson’s Farm. Upon spotting it, Callista poked Draisho playfully and then jumped off his shoulder and rushed towards it. Upon reaching it, she athletically climbed on top of it and turned towards the two others.

“Look at me!” she exclaimed excitedly at Draisho. “Catch me if you can!” she continued. “Lord Frederic” sighed deeply as Draisho walked up to the carriage and with ease picked up the giggling girl who struggled playfully and put her back on the ground. Callista wrapped her arms around Draisho’s neck and embraced him affectionately while whispering sensually in his ear how big and strong he was. “Lord Frederic” rolled his eyes at her remark and agitatedly walked up to the carriage where he spotted two bedrolls at the back of the cabin.

“If you two would be quite finished…” he snapped. “I believe those could be useful, considering your questionable at best resting place choices.” He continued. The two lovebirds gave him a surprised look and then looked curiously at the bedrolls.

“I guess…” Draisho responded and looked at Callista who tilted her head at him and nodded flirtatiously. He let go of her and picked up the bedrolls. Carrying them over his back, the three continued their journey down the road. By the time that they had passed The Menders’ Stead, the sun had almost set and Callista suggested, while giving Draisho a lustful eye, that they should settle in for the night. Draisho quickly agreed while fidgeting awkwardly. “Lord Frederic” looked hopelessly at the two but quickly decided that any attempts at stopping what was about to happen would be futile. Going slightly off the road, towards the mountains, they found an open spot amidst the trees. Using rocks and twigs, Draisho quickly prepared and lit a makeshift campfire. He took off his heavy armour and placed it leaning against a nearby tree after which he unrolled the two beds and sat down on one of them. Callista then put her petite figure in his lap and, using a stick she found on the ground, began childishly playing with the sparkling fire. He put one of his arms around Callista’s waist and stated, dimwittedly:

“There’s only two beds, though.”

“Lord Frederic can take mine!” Callista responded happily before “Lord Frederic” had the time to say anything. “We can share!” she continued while looking up at Draisho.

“Oh, come on…” “Lord Frederic” sighed. He fetched the bedroll and walked to the other side of the campfire and sat down, looking at the two with tired eyes. They engaged in a conversation with a wide array of topics, all of which had a tendency to end up being a dialogue between Draisho and Callista with a miserable-looking “Lord Frederic” sitting quiet, apart from the occasional sigh. As the evening turned into night, Callista and Draisho became increasingly physical with Callista having almost curled up into a cuddly ball in his lap, often making purring noises. “Lord Frederic” let out a louder-than-usual sigh and turned away from the two, fully aware of what was to come. He looked out into the nothingness of the dark forest, seemingly unaffected by their campfire, and muttered to himself:

“I almost wish the wolves would return…” before he lay down and did his best to drift away into whatever type of sleep his kind had.

Seeing “Lord Frederic” doze off put a smirk on Callista’s lips. She giggled and playfully removed her gown, throwing it to the side. She pushed Draisho onto his back and climbed on top of his chest.

“You won’t be needing those,” she whispered seductively as she helped him push down his pants and take off his shirt.

“I like the way you think…” Draisho mumbled as he felt Callista’s fingers dance over his skin. She looked at him and smiled affectionately while putting a finger over her lips and hushed him, nodding slightly in “Lord Frederic’s” direction.

She leaned forwards and embraced his lips with hers. He reciprocated and put his hands on her hips, which caused her to wiggle them playfully. She would occasionally nibble his lower lip and let the tip of her nipples run along his robust chest. He shivered slightly from her touch, trembling with anticipation. As the exchange went on, she could feel something huge growing behind her. It kept growing until it slightly poked her bottom – dangerously close to her increasingly moisturized vulva.

She detached her lips from his, pulling back slightly, and gave him a lustful smile. She had noticed that her feet were close to Draisho’s impressive member and decided to perform a slight experiment. Still smiling at him, she placed her elbows on his hard chest for support and wrapped her petite toes around his throbbing shaft. She began moving her feet, slowly and sensually, up and down, doing her best to keep hold of the ginormous object.

“It’s bigger than I remember,” she giggled quietly, trying not to awake “Lord Frederic”. Draisho only grunted in response and affirmed his grip on her hips, squeezing them gently. Some time went by as Callista excitedly kept the motion going, still slowly, yet highly effectively as made evident by the ever increasing intensity of his trembling. As it reached levels close to what it had been the night before when she received a mouthful of joy, she let go of his shaft – causing him to let go off a disgruntled groan.

“Oh, not yet, mister. Not until I’ve had my fun!” she moaned quietly while giving him a ravenous look. She straightened out her back slightly and slowly wiggled her behind downwards towards his pounding member. She gave off another moan as it impacted with her vulva. She began slowly rubbing herself against its tip while gently caressing Draisho’s upper body. It didn’t take long until the trembling returned – filling Callista with even more excitement. She straightened out further and guided the tip of Draisho’s length towards her vagina. She groaned slightly as the enormous object tried to find its way into her.

“It’s… so big…” she stuttered as she struggled to get it in, but to no avail. Draisho looked up at her affectionately and then, his hands still on her hips, gently pushed her downwards. She moaned loudly as it plunged inside of her, instantly forcing its way deep into her. “Lord Frederic” stirred on the other side of the campfire. He could very well be awake, but neither of the two cared enough to check. Callista placed one hand on Draisho’s thigh and the other on his stomach to stabilize herself, after which she began slowly moving her body up and down.

“Mmh… feels so good…” she moaned sensually as she wiggled her lower body slightly during her movements, allowing Draisho’s pulsating shaft to fill her to her very brim. While Callista was enjoying herself, Draisho had put his hand around one of her breasts and was gently massaging it. His mind was quite blank by this point – almost as if he were in delirium. Granted, he had hoped to get under Callista’s gown and show his love for her first-hand, but to have her divine body on top of him? Riding him with ecstasy? That he had never expected. Never even hoped for. Last night, he didn’t think it could get any better – but he had officially been proven wrong. Nothing could stop him now – Callista was his – and he was hers. Forever.

A while passed before he let out a somewhat repressed euphoric growl and got up into a sitting position, pushing Callista slightly backwards. She used this new position to her advantage, wrapping one arm around his neck, holding herself close to him – causing her breasts to delightfully push up against his chest. With his strong arms holding her body up, she used her legs, and help from Draisho, to continue pushing herself back and forth with greater strength, but still maintaining the slow and sensual pace. Their faces were so close together that they would occasionally share a brief kiss in between the movements.

Draisho’s twitching and throbbing tickled Callista’s insides and she couldn’t help but quietly chuckle happily. Each of his strokes hit deep into her and unleashed ripples of ecstatic, yet still somewhat unfamiliar, pleasure throughout her body, each ripple more powerful than the one before. She loved it intensely and wiggled her pelvis with greater intensity, trying to get more of him, although that did not seem to be possible. She was approaching the level of pleasure that she had felt the previous day right before she had felt that surge which had caused her to lose her balance. She was absolutely soaked and her fluids were flowing out of her vagina and onto Draisho in steady streams, creating audible splashing sounds with each thrust. Despite trying to keep as quiet as possible, her moans mixed with his grunts stirred the night around them, causing terrified animals to disperse from under the many bushes surrounding their camp.

Then it happened, once more, the surge of unhinged pleasure radiated throughout her body. She couldn’t help but yelp loudly as her body was consumed by tingling delight and she involuntarily threw herself backwards, falling somewhat onto her back – resting fully in Draisho’s arms. Despite being almost unconscious from the intensity of her orgasm, she kept moving to the best of her ability and whispered, out of breath:

“Don’t… stop…”

Draisho grinned and took over most of the work related to the thrusts, essentially lifting her petite body up and down like a common sex toy, pushing even deeper into her unknowns. She could feel the throbbing becoming more violent inside her, similarly to how it was yesterday before her mouth was filled with his hot, sticky cum. Then the thrusts suddenly stopped and a surprisingly unmanly roar escaped his lips.  He then collapsed onto his back with her still in his arms, both panting loudly. A thick, white liquid poured out of Callista’s vagina as they both drifted off to sleep in each other’s embrace – hoping to replenish their energy to repeat the same process the next day.
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